The Cost of Malaria

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The Hunger Games

the colonial wig is back
along with crystal chandeliers and platinum door knobs
and other jaded treats
before there were strung rabbits and squirrels

a dizzying audience
for when life needs a sponsorship
to exist
on this NEW, once in a lifetime island
all I wanna do is survive
we ought to sleep in the trees again
for us, right now, our sponsor is Science
before, it was something like cosmo gods

GM is out with lethal wasps
effects - hallucinations, seering pain, blindness
with 46:45 left for the hunt
- did you blow up the food?
- every bit of it
- good. you have to win
(dies from spear in stomach)

soft green grass
coo my ass
with fish filet


Cul De Sac

he spits and sees a castle
chickens and pigs line its stony walls
and gulls circle overhead
on the patio, chickens peck at lunch's leftovers
high tide froths around the sinking car
"Is that all you got?
five shrimps?
you eat them all.
5 shrimps,
I'll make an omelet"
in the chicken coop, hungry men
drop yellow blossom eggs down their throats
throats wide as hulls

in the castle, upstairs, the prince plays role play
as a woman
very pretty in black lipstick
no operator,
yes operator,
b as in bad, a as in apple, d as in daddy
there's no way they can push the car through the tide, up the hill
but they do
and hide the soggy vehicle in the chicken coop
the wheels flatten egg shells, and yolks burst like stars

the prince in the castle sees his death
and will not move
and will not go blind
only cigarettes help
they help kill him, slow and sexy
poor prince beneath the blank stars
the prince sneaks out a low bathroom window
to feed the chickens
by the beach, the tides sound beneath the moonless sky
he goes back in the castle
and feeds the chickens in there
they are hopping about the kitchen
pecking half empty bottles of oil and wine
pecking crumbs of old bread
not being loud at all
the prince sneaks back to the beach
here, chickens peck at dried crabs
children fly kites
their bare feet
the chickens have more fun killing the children


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