Hephaestean Rib // Dan Encarnacion

seems as if we are corralled somnambulists
slicing vectored wakes through sponge-
scrimmed dark
faces heavy as hammers in hands
of flailing Nietzschean Neanderthal Nosferatus
forging pillars of salt

threaded waves of graves wind-whipped white-tattered
and born red to taste plastic
umbilical tubes slipped through a nose nappies taped
to catch creative prowess a caucasoid
child made swarthy by
capillaries singing to flush the skin warm wish-

bone-jointed found buried beneath dark meat on the Last Thursday before
December white meat left-over too dry

Dan Encarnacion earned an MFA in Writing at the California College of Arts and lives in Portland, Oregon where he co-curates the Verse In Person poetry series. The bleak of Bela Tarr, the spare of Supersilent, and the spike of quad-lattes will palpitate his palpus. Dan has recently been published in SPLIT, Upstairs at Duroc, Cha: an Asian Literary Journal, and forthcoming in Assaracus, Gobshite Quarterly and and/or. He was the featured artist for Reconnaissance Magazine’s 2013 issue.