Rose Further Blooming Into Black Black // Dan Encarnacion

how the skeleton steel seethes with teeth
gnashed around a glass-eyed bat

her voice supercedes the facture of city speak
a sky-bound zeppelin my name rising pushing

up against a monochrome canvas ripping sharp
sutures of dirty dun crusted Converse strings

the asp-man writhes into a whole
the jaw unhinged her her unhinged jaw

her jaw unhinged unhinged her jaw
troposphere ours adheres to dirigible skin

expanding the ellipsical ellipticity enjoyed
making off with to counterpane enjoined

a head exposed an exposed head
head a exposed head exposed a

rose further blooming into black black
folding into pinching into flap a insert b


Dan Encarnacion earned an MFA in Writing at the California College of Arts and lives in Portland, Oregon where he co-curates the Verse In Person poetry series. The bleak of Bela Tarr, the spare of Supersilent, and the spike of quad-lattes will palpitate his palpus. Dan has recently been published in SPLIT, Upstairs at Duroc, Cha: an Asian Literary Journal, and forthcoming in Assaracus, Gobshite Quarterly and and/or. He was the featured artist for Reconnaissance Magazine’s 2013 issue.