1 ///

dented, dusted, hosted, huge and solitary but
there isn’t solitary in the push-button this
isn’t the wrong way to start


it’s so easy to say:

2 ///

wet blanket instead of a tired heart
frozen tongue the cure is simple grow

spare frost, hide it in multitudes and candy apple
silence, a procession

instead of a heart, parallel lines except
derailed trains derealized nuzzling, low-end

thought pattern paralysis and there’s no I
am leaving the light on for who’s a cult

-ivated now (preceded in death by
the question mark)

3 ///

ending an “everything everywhere” with let’s begin
minus something somewhere within glowing

elocution lessons in “how dare I do what” minus
let’s not discuss the past drainage ditch magic

hours terror twilights erased shrugworthy you
can’t build tents on host’s, his intelligence re-

ports in a storm, your huh, you’re the doorbell,
golden platter, split-tine salad fork, angry drunk

only to have arrived at forming a sentence, or
he was destined for sentience, or else let’s begin


Nicholas Grider is an artist and writer whose photographs have been shown internationally, whose first book, the story collection Misadventure was published by A Strange Object in winter of 2014, and whose work has appeared in Caketrain, The Collagist, Conjunctions, Guernica and elsewhere.