Self-Interview: Connor Goodwin

Connor Goodwin's works "The Cost of Malaria," "The Hunger Games," "Cul de Sac," and "Hypomania" were featured in the debut edition of Chronopolis. 



Right now I'm really into Scott McClanahan and Sam Pink.  They're both super regional writers - WV and Chicago respectively - and v funny.





I wrote "Hypomania" after reading Italo Calvino's If on a winter night a traveler. The most obvious thing I picked up from him was the second person.  Not only the narrative form, but also how he uses it.  I imagine myself slipping smokily inside the reader’s head and pulling all the right levers and gears to really get him/her going. 





"The Cost of Malaria" is copy/ pasted from Kenneth Goldsmith.  Something I'd think he'd be proud of, but his reaction to Shia LaBeouf's recent theatrics has me unsure.  Maybe I'm a bad plagiarist too.  But so, I had just finished Uncreative Writing and loved it.  That, among other things, really opened up a whole field of possibilities for what might be called “literature.”  For example, a daily food log could be a kind of narrative.  When you really get into it you see there are a lot of interesting/difficult choices to be made – even when simply recording what you ate.  Do you organize by meal?  Do you detail portions?  Is that drunken tuna melt breakfast since its past midnight?  Or a late night snack of yesterday?  I had a food log for almost four months before I lost interest. 





So then, for Malaria, I copy/ pasted a text I found online after googling something like "cost of malaria pills."   The page was a bunch of garbled medical nonsense, which the poem still is, but w some changes one might call "literary."  I don't necessarily expect readers to take their time w this one, but there are some interesting/ funny moments for those who do.  I probably wouldn't read it if I just happened upon it. 


The other two poems, "Cul de Sac" and "The Hunger Games", are what I like to call: Netflix poems: I write them while I watch some movie on Netflix and later edit.  They are usually v image-heavy.  With "Hunger Games" I tried to be more funny/ ironic; because of its popularity I imagine.  Seems silly to be sincere to these now-ubiquitous images -- or at least, its easier to be ironic with that sort of thing. 





Stole this from DFW's short story "Asset."  Hilarious short story btw.  It also just looks visually appealing.  If you haven’t noticed, I tend to regurgitate whatever I’m reading at the time. 





V important. I’ve come into contact w a lot of lit figures/ magazines that I would’ve never known otherwise.

I see it as an integral part of my lit career. Take for example my CTA acct.  Its like a metro poem the Oulipo would do. One tweet per ride on public transit.

Sheila Heti is doing a cool series over at the Believer on her top 10 favorite twitter users.  I’ve enjoyed the interviews so far. 





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Christian Bök

Connor Goodwin can't stop. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in HTMLgiant, Another Chicago Magazine, and Sliced Bread. You can find him @condorgoodwing &