Workday // James Croal Jackson

pure coffee pleasure 
drinking work travels 
camping parties get-
togethers at work when 
the printer is jammed i 
move the tray until the 
deadlines variegating 
ironic pleasures and 
cogs who do not turn
sleep when moving 
uninterrupted clear 
jars have a shine that 
lights carburetor engines 
grasping understated harmonies 
in Kevlar mugs in which 
infested apples seek light 
order menially crisscrossing 
borders of yellow shades 
mashing front-up wonderful 
mistakes marketing harmonica- 
maudlin skaters receipt 
upon leaves and green 
greens until the market 
crashes and crashes and seventeen 
times i saw Pop-Secret popcorn 
pop in the breakroom microwave


James Croal Jackson originally hails from Clinton, Ohio. He is a film and creative writing graduate of Baldwin Wallace University. He writes music, makes short films, and perpetually longs to play racquetball. You can find more of his writing in various publications and at He currently lives in Los Angeles.