Soliloquies to a Waning Gibbous from the Fifteenth Floor at the Love Hotel Hill, Shibuya // David Xie

Touching you in the middle of the night,

solo alone solitude like the buzz of shibuya traffic pachinko parlor police siren bar scuffle drunken karaoke echooooes

( and I~~~~~ will always love you~~~~~ )

I know he ’ s in the same room, wheezing softly ( I think that ’ s snoring but I ’ m not sure ) , so we muffle our gasps against each other ’ s skin.


flip the pillow over! it ‘ s getting warm hahaha


I ’ m laughing because I ’ m happy

and I want everybody to know.

Everybody except for him ( that one dude with us in the same room ) but I want everybody else to know that we gasp against each other ’ s skin.


Together under the sparkling dynamo of twinkle twinkle little stars,

imprints of the tatami on your back.

It ’ s ridgey and I like to run my fingers over it



( at our feet, moon‘s light shimmering )


( I mistook it for the frosty morning dew twinkling in the grass, carpeting the ground )


( I gaze upwards as the starry angels touch fingertips and dance! in tandem with our together soul )


( and when I cast my eyes downward, I remember my hometown, miles and miles and an ocean away. The pacific tosses tropical typhoons tumbling in one after another, batters the beaten barren coast mercilessly moving muddy mountains like trudging shibuya traffic )



[ we ] offer a private room for a 2 to 3 hour " rest " during the day ( usually around 5,000 yen ) or an overnight " stay " ( usually around 10,000 yen )



We’ll rebuild the twin towers -- no euphemism there!


You sleep on the floor

And I sleep on you

imprints of the tatami on your back.


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David Xie was born under a new moon. He runs the Writers Club at his campus, where he tries to nurture artists and poets to blossom.

Republished from Issue 3, 2014.